Saturday, November 19, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 19: Lemon Bars and a Bittersweet Memory

If I have lemons, I have to make lemon bars. Even though I don't like to eat them - waaaaay too sweet. Hahahaha. These sure go fast at work, though. I do like the way they look, dressed up with powdered sugar and all.

I'm feeling a little tired of writing. I hope I can make it until the end of the month.

I'm also feeling a little giddy right now, having come from the UCLA football game where they beat Colorado 45-6. I don't think I've ever seen them score so many touchdowns in a game I watched in person. I am excited about the win, but I do realize UCLA didn't play the best team in the nation or anything. I think UCLA was very fortunate that the sloppy penalties and the fumble didn't cost them much. I'm glad that the seniors got to play their last home game with a resounding win.

I'm also super-excited about going to see an operatic production of "Romeo et Juliette" tomorrow at the Music Center. Although I am a fan of classical music, for whatever reason I've never been too enthused about opera, the little of it that I've heard on the radio.

But this production of R&J sounded interesting, and I thought that a familiar story may be a good intro for me to get into opera. But I had given up on it after seeing that the tickets that I wanted were in the $120-$180 range. That seems like a bit much even for me.

But on Friday, a woman at work who I believe has season tickets put up her $122 face value ticket up for sale for $25 so I scooped it up without a second thought! What a deal. Even with having to pay $9 for parking, that's a steal! I'm so indebted to this person!

I haven't seen a show at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion since I saw "Phantom of the Opera" back in high school. I was thinking back on that experience and I realized I was quite a brat.

In high school, my friends and I were totally enamored by musicals, especially "Phantom", "Les Miserables" and such that were popular back then (1988-1991). We were in band and orchestra, so we would play the music on our instruments or on the piano and sing, as we hung out in the music room before and after school. Those were fun times.

Anyway, when "Phantom" was playing at the Music Center around 1990, I was set on going. I knew I wanted good seats, though, so I looked up the seating choices, saw some of the prices, and was saving up money.

I can't recal if it was for my birthday or for graduation, but my then-boyfriend, R, got together with another friend K, who was dating a friend of mine D, to plan a surprise. D and I were taken out to dinner, and then were put in a car and blind-folded. Hahaha. Such a high-school thing, no?

Anyway, the guys parked the car, walked us out still blind-folded and led us out to a courtyard where they took off our blindfolds, and I saw that we were standing in front of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion with the big Phantom banners hanging. And I still remember feeling crest-fallen, because I wanted to buy my own tickets and somehow I knew that the tickets R could afford wouldn't be the ones I wanted. And, the immature, rude brat I was back then, I let my disappointment show and I said something like, "Oh, gosh, I really wanted to buy my own ticket for this." How rude, right? Thinking back now, I can't believe how inconsiderate I was. I suppose that goes toward why I'm no longer with R (among other reasons) and perhaps why I don't do well with relationships.

I remember too that I didn't enjoy the performance much, which was such a shame considering how much I love the musical. I read the book, too, and I could still recite some of the lines and sing some of the songs. The seats were much higher than I would have liked but I think if I had a more open mind, I certainly could have enjoyed it. It just goes to show, how a negative outlook can color a whole experience. I feel bad that I basically wasted what could have been a great experience and ruined it not just for me, but for others who cared enough to plan something like that for me.

Remembering this episode was a good lesson for me. I'm glad for "Romeo et Juliette" for giving me a chance to recall this and be humbled.

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  1. From lemons, to this story... pretty cool. I love lemon bars, and i love this little story. It reminds of me the junior high dance when the friend of one of the only asian guys in my school told me, "Dave wants to know if you want to dance with him." (of course i was very shy, had never been asked to dance before by anyone, much less a go-between, and said, "who's dave?" even though I knew exactly who dave was, his response to me was "never mind." he walked away, i felt guilty and awful, and missed the only chance to dance with a guy at a high school dance. stupid me.