Sunday, November 13, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 13: Pizza Breakfast and Chamber Music

Argh! 30 minutes left in day 13!

Breakfast might be my favorite meal of the day. I think I like the fact that I have the entire day to work off whatever I eat.

A while back, we went to a restaurant that serves pizza for breakfast. Technically, brunch, but how awesome does that sound. I'm not a fan of "cold leftover for breakfast" concept but real, wood-fired pizza? A must-try if ever there was one.

A cozy place in Hollywood, with a wood-burning oven front and center. Very promising.

I had the smoked salmon and tomato pizza. Holy smokes, this was good. I guess after the crust was mostly baked, the chef put on the toppings - good quality salmon, tomatoes, onions, etc., then fired it up in the oven ever so briefly, so that the tomatoes got even sweeter and everything melded together oh so well. And a great, crispy thin crust, none of that yicky gaseous smell like a certain place in Gardena we did not like.

Also had the breakfast calzone - I thought we ordered the bacon-and-egg but this looks more like sausage and egg. Maybe that was the special for the day. Another great dish, this one of the hearty variety. I hadn't ben a huge fan of calzones in the past, I thought they were too doughy but the crust on this one was relatively thin, just like the pizza, and so crispy.

Definitely worth a repeat trip.

Olio Pizzeria & Cafe
8075 W 3rd Street, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 930-9490

Musical weekend
Got a chance to finally hear the Mansfield Chamber Choir perform. A few people from work are a part of it and I missed the chance to hear them in concert last year. I'm so glad I went. It's a much smaller group than the Angel City Chorale and while a 120+ person choir has its upsides (think THX sound effects trailer but live and in parts), I very much enjoyed this 20-or-so person ensemble. You can hear individual voices, as well as the parts so clearly, and it's so nice to see the expressions of joy on the singers' faces.

What I really enjoyed tonight was also the accompaniment by the four-string quartet. With a real viola player! Woot! I've always held viola players in utmost respect ever since I attempted playing the viola freshman year in orchestra and gave it up after 3 months or so - too hard! Plus, not all the scores had a viola part so I remember trying to change the keys and rewriting the third violin score into a viola score. I suppose there is software or more likely an app now to do that but in 1987 I could only do that by hand, so that didn't last long.

Anyway, it's so amazing to hear live string music and harmonic voices. It's like they reach directly into my heart. So fun and soothing. The song selections were, I thought, quite inspired as well. Very classical pieces by Caldara, funny songs by Haydn (I didn't know he was such a jokester!), a modern (1977) cantata using text from Walt Whitman, and a Beatles song in madrigal style (!), among others. Just an awesome, awesome night.

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