Saturday, November 12, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 12: Down to Mexico

Plaza Mexico, that is.
I had seen this shopping center off the 105 for some time and had been wanting to go. So last October, I think it was, we finally went on a clear, cool, sunny Saturday.

It wasn't quite as large as I had thought. Anchored by a couple of mid-size stores and restaurants, it was mainly a collection of small shops in one building, like an old flea mart. Nice courtyard, though.
They were having performances of Native American drumming and dancing. Not sure if they do this all the time but it was cool that visitors were joining in.
Nice, big carousel, too. I love riding carousels. Next time.
One of the restaurants we definitely wanted to try there was El Gallo Giro. It's also a panaderia. I love these pan dulces, but I have to say, the round ones with the cracked cookie topping look like a Japanese treat called "melon pan" (melon bread, not because it tastes like melon but looks like it on the outside). When I first saw these pan dulces in the US 20 or so years ago, I got so excited that I can get melon pans here, and when I bit into it I was shocked and disappointed. The Japanese bread is sweeter, richer, denser. The Mexican bread is a little flakier. I did eventually learn to like the pan dulces, though. Just have to not expect a melon pan when eating.

I love the fresh juices at these Mexican restaurants. I usually get watermelon but it's hard to decide. I love horchatas and jamaicas, too.
Order the food at the end of the counter.

It's been a while so I can't recall exactly, but I think we had eaten a big breakfast and it was only around 10:30 or 11 am when we got here. So we weren't ready to eat a full lunch, so we each just got a taco. I think this is the carnitas taco.

And this was the long-awaited chicken taco. Actually, since this place is known for roasted chicken, we wanted to get the chicken plate but we thought that'll be too much. The check was pretty awesome.

We had lunch at another restaurant in the plaza. It was good, but kind of dark inside so no pics. The whole place is definitely worth another visit. That's one thing I like about LA, so many different worlds within a short drive.

3100 E. Imperial Highway
Lynwood, California 90262
Tel. (310) 631-6789 (310) 631-4989

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