Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaBloPoMo Day 16: Veggie Dinner and Occupy Democracy

It's not that all I do is bake. I like to cook, too. I like to think I'm following Michael Pollan's dictum: "Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Vegetables."

This is from a little while ago, but I've totally fallen in love with a vegetarian cookbook by a Japanese blogger. She uses very few ingredients, very simple techniques, and some unique flavors to accent her vegetable dishes and they are so good. The main dish below looks like sauteed scallops but actually is king trumpet mushrooms! The stalk part of the mushroom was cut crosswise so each piece looks like a scallop. They actually kind of feel like scallops, too. Weird. It's lightly sauteed with some Chinese greens.

It's paired with a slice of Spanish omelette because I had to use up some eggs and potatoes. And broccoli soup. I guess this isn't strictly a vegetarian dinner since I used eggs and milk but it was still good.

Today's Reading
Robert Reich, as always, has succinctly summarized the state of things. When he puts it this way - the Supreme Court says money is speech and corporations are people, but Occupiers can't Occupy - it seems so clear, and so scary to think how powerful and how right the Supreme Court has become.

I totally agree with him that the Occupy movement can't turn violent. They'll definitely lose me if they do, not that I've been an ardent supporter, at least not of the Occupy LA movement. Maybe it's because I haven't gone there yet, seen and participated in the organizing meetings, but I don't see any concerted effort at clarifying demands, engaging civic organizations, student groups, unions, etc., - basically, building a movement. The website seems to be just reporting and giving support to other Occupy movements around the country, or doing random teach-ins and days of actions on weekdays. I get that the movement is about the disenfranchised who presumably are not workers, but lots of us in the 99% are working, too, and it seems wrong to not target some messages and actions to them/us.

Robert Reich ends his post today with a challenge - it's time to occupy democracy. I'd love to see some thoughtful discussions about what this means.

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