Thursday, December 1, 2011

Off to Anne's World

NaBloPoMo is DONE! Wow, I can't believe I finally did it. And I must say, it wasn't bad. It was getting kind of tough the last week or so. Truth be told, I was getting a little tired of it around the 26th or so. But I'm really glad I did it, now I know I can write.

I'd like to say I'll continue posting daily but I'm not sure I can this month. I need to start working on my holiday baking and also have some personal business to take care of. I definitely want to keep writing, though, so I'll still post periodically, I'm sure.
Back in elementary school, I fell completely in love with the PBS mini-series version of "Anne of Green Gables."

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I finally started watching this DVD set, which I had bought some years back. Oh my gosh, this brought back so many memories.
I think I was in the 7th grade or so when I saw this on PBS. My friend and I totally fell in love, and we watched every episode and talked about each episode on the phone and in school for days on end.

I love how young and imaginative Anne is in the beginning, and so friendly and joyful, despite the hardships she's lived through already. It's a really good lesson to learn, to see th beauty in life and to keep a cheerful outlook. I also love the flair for drama, of course.

And I chuckled at the interactions between Marilla and Anne. Marilla is so no-nonsense and Anne is so whimsical, yet they have so much in common. I love how Marilla finds Anne's antics humorous.

And of course Matthew is just too sweet. I used to dream of puffed sleeve dresses like Anne. In fact, I remember how much I used to want to do up my hair like Anne in her teaching days. It just looked so effortless and beautiful, and so sophisticated.

I would like to go to Prince Edward Island one day. I know Green Gables has been totally made into a tourist trap but it still looks lovely. The scenery, like when Anne and Matthew rode under the trees of cascading leaves, or when Anne and Diana would walk in fields of flowing tall grass that streched for seemingly miles on end - it all looked so gorgeous that I got choked up.

I can't wait to watch the sequels in this DVD set.

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