Monday, December 5, 2011

Bus-Riding Cookies

To get in the holiday baking mood, I started trying out recipes I had cut out from a while back, since I need to use up some of the supplies. I tried the "Nibby Whole Wheat Sables" recipe I cut out from LA Times a few years ago. I also found a small jar of cacao nibs at Surfa's shortly after I cut out the recipe, so it seemed like providence.
The cookies turned out fine but so that I won't have to take a separate bag on the bus, I put the cookies into one plastic zip bag and laid it out on top of my papers and other stuff in my messenger bag. This is what I found once I got to work.

Oops. So, I've learned my lesson and will take cookies in a separate bag, even if it means I can't keep my hands in my pocket. I'm wearing gloves anyway. Not that I got any complaints. The cookies and crumbs were all gone within a few hours. People at work are so forgiving.

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