Monday, October 31, 2011

Getting ready for NaBloPoMo

My super-duper cool friend Jenni mentioned NaBloPoMo on her Facebook status and I realized I had really wanted to participate in that, years ago when my JournalSpace blog was still active (and before JS had its 2006-or-thereabouts meltdown and lost my and many others' blogs). So, I'm dusting off this Blogger page and will try to write again!

I didn't realize NaBloPoMo had a theme for the month, as well as for each day. I feel like I should study up more to make sure I'm following the rules but, well, I'll see what I can do. Reading the site for NaBloPoMo, though, it seems like it's now an ongoing thing? Or is November still the real thing and that's why there's prizes?

For today, just to get started...

I was dismayed to read the news about the breakup of the Occupy LA movement in downtown LA. I realize I don't have much right to criticize it since I haven't gone there or followed it much. Actually, I did look it up when Occupy Wall Street first started gaining steam but the LA movement, at least it's website, seemed so...primitive. Not very informative, no calls to action, no calls for help for supplies, no schedules, etc. Granted, I haven't checked in since but if the above newspost is to be believed, it doesn't seemed to have improved much.

I've seen news of some API community participation but I don't see my activist friends regularly going. Why is this? Why is the movement in LA not catching on? I'm more intrigued by the movement in Oakland and NY and would much rather go there. Is my apathy toward the LA movement something that's festering in others as well?

For the month of November, I'm making a promise to myself to get more on top of reading about the economy, the progressive movement, the feminist movement, and other related thoughts and events. I think I've been away from all this for too long and my mind is craving a higher intellectual level of stimulus than Project Runway (granted, this season was awful).

I hope to become a little more informed, so I can contribute in some way toward these progressive movements. It's a lofty goal but I'm happy to be taking one small step toward it.


  1. I didn't hear about the breakup of OLA. I've been listening to KPFK in the mornings, maybe 2-3 days a week and it's been pretty inspiring to hear things that I *assume* isn't on mainstream news. Since I don't follow it. Well, no pressure to do the 30 days--either we do it or we don't. I didn't know there were prizes or themes. Although remember Friday 5 and those memes? Ok. Since I know you're blogging, i'll try to check in regularly... J :)

  2. Hey! You found me! :)Ya, someone mentioned, I forget where, that obviously mainstream media will pain OLA in a negative light since they are corporate. Yes, Friday 5 and memes! Those were fun ways to get to know people. I miss the folks from Journalspace. I found them randomly or they found me so now that old JS is gone, I can't find them. Kind of bummed about that. Well, let's see how this goes. I'm also going to try to update my Japanese blog every day...we'll see!